Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol Classes, Referrals & Meetings

The UC Irvine Health Education Center provides many options to its community around the topic of Alcohol.


Alcohol Awareness Class

The Health Education Center hosts an alcohol abuse prevention program called CHOICES.   This program is held over two 90-minute sessions, two weeks apart.  CHOICES provides students with facts about alcohol and strategies to make smarter, safer choices in the future.  The CHOICES program allows students to reflect on their choices about alcohol and reduce their risk of being harmed by their own or someone else's drinking. 


BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students)

BASICS is a two-session alcohol assessment and education program offered free to all UCI students who want to explore their alcohol use.


Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

Open meetings are for Faculty, Staff, Students and community members.


UCI Alcohol Task Force

The UCI Alcohol Task Force meets once a quarter to discuss the issue of Alcohol on the UCI campus.