Alcohol & Drugs

Tips on Staying Safe

Unfortunately, people are sometimes given drugs without knowing. People might slip something into your drink because the person thinks it would be fun for you or because someone wants to render you unconscious.

What you should know about protecting yourself from GHB and other club drugs:

  • Do not take drinks from a stranger.
  • Do not leave your drink unattended.
  • Don't drink from open containers like a punch bowl
  • Drink from tamper-proof bottles or cans, and open them YOURSELF.
  • Be wary of drinks that taste salty or soda that is flat; these can be signs of GHB.
  • Also avoid a substance called GBL. It turns into GHB in your body. (You might as well just have taken GHB.)
  • Be suspicious of eyedroppers, mouthwash bottles and bubble solution -- they are often used as GHB containers.
  • If you think you may have been drugged:
    • Call 911. Many of the people who are dead from GHB would be alive if their friends had called 911. The sooner a victim can get medical help, the better the chance of saving a life.
    • Ask for a urine test if you are concerned about unwitting ingestion. Police and hospitals often use blood tests to identify drugs, but GHB is only in the blood for four hours. It can be identified in urine for longer.

If an unconscious victim is vomiting, turn the individual on either side to avoid choking or suffocation.

The easiest way to stay safe is to avoid drugs altogether. No one monitors drugs for quality control. Your drug dealer does not look at your overall health before giving you a drug as a doctor might. There are many unknowns. Most UC Irvine students do not use illegal drugs. If you want to avoid drug use:

  • Socialize with other people who do not use drugs. Then you do not have to explain your decision.
  • Know the reasons why you choose not to use drugs.
  • Stand up for yourself and your decisions by using statements that begin with "I".
  • If you find yourself wanting to try drugs, consider your reasons. Are there other ways to fulfill those needs? Some people use drugs because the feel good and want to feel better. Other people use drugs because they feel bad and want to make themselves feel "normal." What are your reasons? If you already feel good, congratulations! If you feel bad, get the help and support you need- legally.